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Nimfa, OOO
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For customers Nimfa, OOO

We work in several directions:
#contract production
That is, we can make household chemicals and not only under your brand. It is very comfortable. For partners of the company, this is a full production cycle, which makes it possible to develop using only our capabilities. After all, everything is fine-tuned for us, even the question of packaging also falls on us. So whoever has a big dream, but does not know where to start, then start your journey with cooperation with us.
#own production
We produce household chemicals with high quality and reasonable prices. Our main priority is the customer and the solution of his daily household needs.

For cooperation, send your "carrier pigeons" to our direct mail, mail or you can get advice by phones: +7 (4212) 460820, 460830 or on the website



for customers Nimfa, OOO Russia, ALL.BIZ: Russia